Dxracer Formula Series Gaming Chair Reviews

The Dxracer Formula Series is one of the most amazing and worth buying gaming chair in the market. It is one of the cheapest gaming chairs in the formula series of Dxracer Gaming Chair. The price at which this Gaming Chair comes is commendable to pay for a brand like Dxracer Gaming Chair. So if you wish to buy a gaming chair under a great brand name, then this chair is the right thing to go for. This chair has very good reason why you should buy this. It includes great comfort at a great price. Let us know some more about it.

Short Answer Time: Know About Pros and Cons

This gaming Chair has a lot to talk about and before we talk about Specifications and features, which has impacted a lot of gamers starts, let’s talk about the pros and cons of this Dxracer Formula Series Gaming chair reviews.


  • This chair is easy to assemble, not only the pro gamers but also an average person could do it.
  • It is one of the cheapest models with a good deal under a well-known brand in the market.
  • It has great design and fulfills the need of any good gaming chair.


  • This formula series chair only supports 5’8 of height capacity which might be a drawback.
  • This chair doesn’t come with an adjustable armrest so you need to adjust with what you get.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is that if you’ve been looking for a good brand, a good deal under your budget, then this chair will surely save you some pennies. This chair is a great deal, it comes with a great design, comfort, and looks. It is cheap and is one of the most liked chairs among the racers. Dxracer Formula Series Gaming Chair might be your next buy.

The Assembling of Dxracer Formula Series Gaming Chair

The chair comes in a good packaging, although it is not preassembled, so you might have to work on that a bit. The Assembling part is not too tough. As mentioned before not only a pro gamer but also an average person could do it. If followed the instructions right, this chair will be ready to use in 30 minutes. That becomes an advantage as it eliminates the chances of doing it wrong.

Formula Series Gaming Chair Comfort Level

As mentioned above, this chair has a height capacity of 5’8. It can hold up to the weight of 180lbs. Now if you’re slightly more heightened than that, say 5’10, you can buy this chair and it will be comfortable. Although you’ll have to snug in. If you’re a little smaller then it’s even more comfort. There is this one thing to compare about is that the Dxracer Gaming Chair usually is known for its great comfort chairs but the formula series gaming chair lacks that comfort when compared to the other Dxracer Gaming Chair.

The material of Dxracer Formula Series Gaming Chair

Dxracer Gaming Chair usually makes it’s chair with mesh and leather, sometimes the mix of it. Now the Formula Series Gaming Chair is made up of mesh material although mesh is considered to be good for long hours of sitting and hot and humid temperatures. The Dxracer Formula series gaming chair also comes in leather material and the good news is that it doesn’t cost any more. Most of the pro level gamers always go for the leather material which gives this chair a cool aesthetic look. It is more comfortable and goes with the style.

Building Material Review

Now as mentioned above this chair comes with a lower weight capacity of 180lbs which means that it is not built with the best material out there. This chair recommends a 180lbs of weight but even if you’re slightly heavier than that, this chair will have no problem holding you. Hence I can say that this chair might not be built with the best my material out there but it surely is not that bad. It can accommodate different types of body size.

Final Say

To end it on a good note, I’d say that this chair comes with great pros and cons which will make you think twice. So if you think that it’s about time you buy a top-notch brand gaming chair. This chair is cheap, will save you some money. Although it doesn’t come with the adjustable feature, if you fit the size and weight capacity then this chair will become the heaven for you. For long hours of sitting in comfort and gaming like a beast is what this chair will give you. So if you think that this is the deal, go for it.

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